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Monday, April 21, 2008


WINNER: !!!!!!!!!!!CRICKET!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to all the contestants. Please visit my instock page (link at the left) to purchase all the wonderful things you all saw and drooled over :)!

Hey there troops! Calling all you swanky moms and daughters. This week, Sew Blessed Bowtique will be participating in a Bloggy Givaway with a GRAND assortment of other work-at-home-mamas. One lucky winner will win a custom OOAK Criss Cross Halter Dress from Sew Blessed Bowtique. All you have to do is leave your comments here about something you saw on the store site (link is to the left) and one lucky mama and daughter name will be drawn on Saturday April 26th, 2008. You can enter only once but you can always have grandma and aunts enter for you as well. Please take a moment to visit your site and leave your comments here! Thanks for looking!

Here is an example of the dress that is being given away!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Like Mother Like Daughter!!!!

"SEW" it is my Darling Daughter's 9th birthday this week! Well earlier this week to be exact! She wanted to learn how to sew...."sew" I took the plunge and let her have at it! She constructed a simple little bag with handles but all in all...SHE DID AN AWESOME JOB! Pretty straight seams and everything! Excuse the black thread as we wanted to use a dark thread so she could see her seams! Think she's ready for dress making?

Friday, April 18, 2008

Another Great Product Added!!!!!

Announcing our new Criss-Cross Halter/Capri Set. This set is amazing! Pefect for your Tween girl or your littler blessings. It is made with the criss-cross front that is sewn completly down so the top doesn't come open. This bodice top can also be found on our Ruffle Back Dress! Each top is blocked with coordinating bodice strip that comes around to the back to form a sash that is tied in a bow to be worn. Gentle shirring is sewn in the back to give this top the pefect fit on your little angel! Capris are made to match with coordinating blocking on the hem of each leg. Gentle elastic is sewn in at the waist!

We are so excited about this set as it is the merging of three different patterns to creat a truly unique outfit!

Check them out in the store!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

April 2008 Blessed Mama Winners

This month a wonderful four mamas were winners in our Sew Blessed Mama contest. Mama, Natalie, from Gymbofriends, nominated three of her fellow GF who helped her through a tough spot in her life. A few weeks ago, Natalie had a close family member diagnosed with cancer and to top that new off her dd's birthday presents were stolen on her birthday. Three fellow Gymbofriends came to her aid.

Natalie writes:

"OC*Girie*Mama (aka Stacy) lent me an adorable shirt and curlies for my daughter to wear at her birthday party, since the thieves stole her party dress.

#1Abigail (aka Barbara) gave me a cute Garden Bloom dress for my DD to wear for her birthday pictures. She is kind and generous. She is alwasy helping GFs out and she is one of the most generous and genuine women I have encountered.

McBaby(aka Marnie). A couple days after my DD's birthday when things were really low, I cam home to find a little package on my front step. In it was the ICS Neopolitan Dress that was among my DD's stolen wardrobe. Her clothing budget gone, I had no hope of replacing it. And then there it was. Marnie also knew what I was going through with my father as she lost her mother to cancer when she was in college."

Well thank you Natalie for taking the time to PAY IT FORWARD and see that a group of mama's that were a blessing to your life receive a blessing in return.

Each of these mama's will recieve a custom outfit from Sew Blessed bowtique and Natalie will recieve a handmade necklace from On A Whimsy!

See our site for your chance to enter the May 2008 contest! Entries are accepted until midnight April 30th, 2008. Winners are announced May 1st, 2008!

Again thanks for being a blessing to others!

Friday, March 28, 2008

And Baby Makes Six....

We will definately need a bigger car. That's right. The team at Sew Blessed Bowtique has not only been manufacturing clothing and boutique bows but now we are manufacturing little humans as well!

We found out we were expecting just a few days ago and we are so excited to share the news. Lots of prayers and hugs are needed as we are prone to MC and we are keeping our sights and prayers on God to protect this little one from being taken. The more prayers, the more power, and the devil can't get in!

So over the next few weeks I will be taking it easy, still working on new stuff for the store and new designs. We have a Sew Cute Book Bag that is coming soon as well as some boutiqe baby items. Keep an eye out for all the new lines we are working on! Want to know before they go live? Join our newsletter! Visit the website and sign up today!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

New Designs at Sew Blessed Store

That's right. It has been a busy few days. We have been agressively working to expand our clothing into pre-teen sizes and we have found a staple that every young girl needs in her wardrobe. A Flare skirt. This is the most versatile and most comfortable skirt I have found for my own daughter who is 9. She is definately a pre-teen in attitude and almost there in age. She is not a skirt lover but this snug fitting flare skirt is one of her favorites. It fits like the big girl skirts but is modest enough that even dad's will love it.

She is making her modeling debut on my site as well and we hope that she will get picked up by some other WAHM's to model for them. If you know of someone just shoot us an email!

So here they are...the new designs.....

Your daughter will love pairing this wonderful skirt with a pair of flip flops on a summer day or a pair of boots on colder days! A staple for every young girl!


Monday, March 17, 2008

March Contest Winner #2

Our second Blessed Mama this month is Kendra from AmityMama. Here is the letter her friend Jeni sent in about this deserving mama:

My friend Kendra (lovinbabysophia) is very deserving of a suprise blessing. She hsa had a couple of years that have been very rewarding, but also very tough. Kendra and her husband married soon after high school. they had their first child a little over a year later. they now have three children ages 4, 2, and almost 1.

Sometime in 2006, Kendra's parents (who are divorced), both lost their homes. Her father, teenage brother and sister moved in with her family. When her father found a new job and his own home, her mother moved in. Eventually her mother moved out however Kendar was left to take care of and raise her two siblings, as well as her own children.

Just before this, Kendra gave birth to her 3rd child, Alice. Their house if very full, in many ways--full of laughter, frustration, joy, sadness, people, crafts, and children.

Kendra went back to school (starting a little bit before getting pregnant with Alice) planning to eventually pursue midwifery. She acheived straight-A's, even while dealing with eshaustion and morning sickness.

Last fall, Kendra's husband, Jake, was diagnosed with an unexplained low platelet count and right before Christmas had his spleen removed. Because of the medical bills and lack of consistent child support from her parents, Kendra gave up going to school this semester in order to work and help pay off bills. She is working one part-time job during the day and a full-time job in the evenings and is still taking care of her hcildren all day long (they are able to go to work with her during the day).

I knew Kendra was juggling a lot and had done so with much more calmness than most people would have managed. However, as I write this, I became completely astounded at all she has accomplished, handled and sacrificed. I don't think I could have dealt with all the last couple of years have brought Kendra, and I am ten years older. I certainly could not have handled it at 23.